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Merrill Kagan-Weston
Merrill Kagan-Weston
President/Sales Manager

I began my association with horses at age 7 just a little before I was introduced to the printing business. A young english rider in rural Pennsylvania, urged on by an equestrian father. I advanced quickly to hunter jumper and at 12 was presented with my first horse, Buddy (have you heard that name before?) and started Western Pleasure competition.

Sadly, right after my 19th birthday, my father died suddenly, and I gave up a 40 acre ranch we shared along with Buddy & several other horses never to think about riding again. I enrolled in college in 1973 as a Fine Arts major with emphasis in printmaking. I got a job in a small print shop near my apartment in Philadelphia. After 35 years, it's still the only business that I want to be in!

My business is very involved in printing for the horse industry and that is really how my family once again became involved with horses. We volunteer at the Western States Trail Ride(the Tevis Cup), the AERC Annual Convention, the Western States Horse Expo, Gold Country Trails Alliance, and the Meadow Vista Trails Association along with several local endurance rides. When my youngest daughter turned 12, she wanted to take some riding lessons, thus the horse bug returned after 28 years. Our whole family rides and my now 21 year old, finished 36th in the Tevis Cup 2007. We now have 3 lovely geldings and a donkey, Sally. The picture above is with the love of my horse life, my 19 year old Arabian, KH Al Rashad (Truckee). At the moment our best times away from printing are spent horse camping and riding the beautiful trails of Northern California.

Trust me with your printing needs. I have many years of printing experience, have done all the types of jobs in our shop, and most of all, I'm honest, just like we all hope our horses are.


Brad Weston
Brad Weston
Vice President/General Manager

I have been in the printing business for more than 32 years. With the summer off before college and my surfboard under my arm, I was ready for a good time. But within one week, my brother-in-law asked me to make deliveries and work in bindery for his shop. The rest is history. I have been a pressman, salesman, bindery operator, film stripper and platemaker. After 20 years of owning Auburn Printers & Integrated Marketing, I am still excited to come to work each day. The changes and challenges of our industry keep me excited about what I do.